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Interim Management

God, what a good lord if there was a good man

In several circumstances the Company may need to cover a position in the finance area, e.g. maternity leave, a restructuring process… GKM Consulting has experience covering positions such as CFO, Accounting Manager, Financial Controller…

Interim management gives companies the benefit of accessing immediately operational expertise for a set duration.

Bookkeeping & Tax Compliance

May the urgency not prevent you from seeing the important thing

Bookkeeping and tax compliance advisory services, to allow the client management to focus exclusively in the strategy and the core business, not being distracted or wasting precious time and other resources by bureaucracy and administrative processes. The scope of GKM Consulting work is not limited to comply with legal requirements, we will assess the client over the different ways to optimize the business profitability (e.g. through the minimization of the tax payments under the current laws).

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Think independently. Be the chess player, not the piece on the board

Inside a Company there are multiple internal administrative or accounting processes that can be outsourced globally or partially, because these processes do not provide any added value to the organization and consume resources that could be used in other strategic tasks.

The company can outsource from a complete department to just a minimum task of a very specific process. Several examples of tasks usually outsourced are the following: client management (bad debt analysis, client reconciliations…), supplier management (invoices accounting, approval workflow, reconciliations), database maintenance and update, fixed assets management (inventories, depreciation…), stocks management (inventories, obsolescence…), bank reconciliations…

GKM Consulting adapts with total flexibility to the client’s needs


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