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Internal Processes Manual

You can not untie a knot without knowing how it is done

The writing of an Internal Processes Manual (including job descriptions) contributes to improve the efficiency and quality of the services rendered, through the homogenization and standardization in the execution of the internal processes.

To achieve it, the Internal Processes Manual must fulfill the following requirements: consistency, cross references, adaptative and “alive”.

The Manual will also allow the company to detect weaknesses (duplicities, incoherencies, grey areas) and internal improvement areas which will affect directly to its profitability.

Optimization and Efficiency Analysis

Never delegate what can be automated and never automatic what can be eliminated

Analysis of the different areas shaping the organizational structure of the client, identifying improvement opportunities that will allow the maximization of the efficiency whilst minimizing the risks and costs associated.

The rendering of this service includes the design of the Action Plan o implement the improvement opportunities detected.

Internal Processes Quality Control

What can not be measured, can not be improved

In several circumstances the Company may need to cover a position in the finance area, e.g. maternity leave, a restructuring process… GKM Consulting has experience covering positions such as CFO, Accounting Manager, Financial Controller…

Interim management gives companies the benefit of accessing immediately operational expertise for a set duration.

Cost Accounting System Design

If we believe that our only tool is a hammer, all the problems we will see as nails

Design of an internal Cost Accounting System which will allow the company management to know with great accuracy the gross and net margins of each one of the products sold and/or services rendered. Therefore, the company will have valuable analytic information which will make easier to take business decisions and strength cost control in order to help the Company to achieve the strategic objectives.

The Cost Accounting System must comply with the general standards and principles applied and accepted in a wide range of economic sectors, which are the following: causality, objectivity, transparency, auditable and consistency.


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